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Ground Membranes

Monarflex Reflex Super


MONARFLEX Reflex Super is a high performance, six layer membrane manufactured from virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE) with a polyester reinforcing grid and an aluminium foil layer to give high strength, tear resistance and low permeability to gas. The membrane is coloured sand on the upper surface with a silver coloured underside.


MONARFLEX Reflex Super is part of the Monarflex gas control system and may be used loose laid with ground supported or suspended slabs and is suitable for use as a DPM when properly sealed and detailed to restrict the ingress of ground gases. Monarflex Reflex Super is recommended for use in situations of medium to high concentrations of radon gas or where
methane, carbon dioxide and other gases are present


Installation of a gas barrier must only be carried out by professionals. To form joints between adjacent sheets of Monarflex Reflex Super, lap the membrane by a minimum of 150 mm and seal. Where methane or carbon dioxide are present, the membrane should be extrusion welded at all laps and joints where possible.

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