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Monarflex Kederflex HFFR


Monarflex Kederflex HFFR is made from a three ply composition with the two outer layers being made from a special highly weather resistant copolymer halogen free flame retardant LDPE mix that encapsulates an extremely strong polyester (PET) high tenacity grid which forms the weather protection layer.

The HFFR, Halogen Free Flame Retarder provides the perfect combination of flame retardant properties along with being very environmentally friendly as it contains no harmful halogens like chloride or bromide. On top of the sheet there are rubber  fixing eyelets that, if needed, help secure the Kederflex in high winds. The eyelets, which are a patented solution, are integrated into the sheet during manufacture to provide the strongest and most durable eyelet fixing on the market.


Monarflex Kederflex HFFR can be used for all types of long-term projects exceeding 12 months. The product is designed to cope with severe weather conditions found on a roof. The combination of high quality components form a tough and durable sheeting for all working conditions.


Monarflex Kederflex HFFR sheeting is available in widths forming a system that suit most standard scaffold Keder systems. The Kederflex sheeting is applied by ‘threading’ the Kederflex bead into the rail track scaffold Keder frame and simply pull it from one side of the roof to the other using a rope fixed to a rod which is placed in the pre-formed back fold pockets on the Kederflex sheeting.

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