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Flame Retardant
Containment Sheeting Products

Monarflex Stripe Flamesafe

Monarflex Stripe Flamesafe MONARFLEX Scaffband Stripe Flamesafe has a strong 9x12 reinforcement grid in 1670 dtex Polyester yarn protected by 2 layers of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with UV stabilisation.

With the use of these components, the product is thinner, lighter and yet stronger than other competitive products. This product conforms to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1215 due to its flame retardant additives.

We recommend MONARFLEX Scaffband Stripe Flamesafe for all types of projects of 6 – 12 months duration. The combination of high-quality components form a tough and durable sheeting for rough working conditions during demolition, construction, blasting and other containment projects.

Monarflex Super T Plus Flamesafe

Super T Plus also comes in a flamesafe sheeting.
Recommended for all types of long term projects exceeding 12 months duration. Super T Plus is the strongest sheeting and is designed for extreme weather conditions and very rough working conditions including sandblasting and water

Roll sizes are 2.25m x 40m, 3m x 45m and 4m x 36m

Monarflex Stripe Firesmart

MONARFLEX Firesmart Stripe is a durable UV protected sheet which complies with the most
stringent requirements for a flame tested and approved fire retardant product.

It is fire tested by an independent third party (LPCB BRE) and complies with the LPS 1207 fire test (Fire requirements for Protective Covering Materials). The product is approved to LPS 1207 and 1215 for internal and external areas. Should fire take hold, the sheeting melts without igniting, so not supporting the flame.

Roll sizes 2m x 45m and 3m x 45m


Monarflex Monarsound FR

Recommended for all types of long-term projects exceeding 12 months duration.
Monarflex MonarSound FR acoustic scaffold sheeting provides an effective system for controlling noise breakout on construction sites. It is ideal for use in minimising noise pollution in sensitive areas like schools, hospitals, residential areas.

Monarflex Airflow FR

Recommended for all types of projects of 6 – 12 months duration.
MONARFLEX Airflow FR is an exceptionally strong containment sheeting specially developed for locations where high winds are a significant risk.

The material is flame retardant, conforming to LPS 1215.

MONARFLEX Airflow FR’s open weave reduces pressure on the scaffold structure during high winds and also reduces the buildup of heat during warmer months. It is also UV resistant.

Roll size is 2m x 45m.

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