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Ground Membranes Monarflex

Gridline 500, 750 & 1000

MONARFLEX® Geo-membranes are used in civil engineering works either for separation of different layers of material, for preventing fluids like water, chemicals or the gases in undermining the structure of the construction.

Geo-membranes can be used for:

  • separation layer for the structure of roads, bridges, tunnels, railways etc.
  • protection of the ground water from percolation from landfills.
  • environmental protection from chemicals from petrol stations and chemical industries as a secondary layer
  • sealing of fertilizer tanks, water reservoirs, waste water lakes, rain water lagoons
  • landfill capping and vertical barriers
  • gas membranes, radon protection membranes


The MONARFLEX® Blackline 500, 750 & 1000 membrane is a geo and moisture barrier to be used over the foundation of houses and buildings, separating different material, preventing water from penetrating etc.

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