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Fixing Accessories

Anchor & Strap

This unique, patented two-piece flexible fixing accessory, consists of a specially designed user friendly piercing Anchor, which together with the strong oval shaped Rubber Strap ensure an exceptionally strong and flexible fixation to the scaffold structure. It is the ideal fixing accessory to use when high wind resistance is required.


The original blue multistrand elastic cords with a high tenacity polyester cover and high impact toggle with a hook at each end. It’s flexible and easy to fix thanks to its design with an elastic cord and high resistant piercing toggle for easy penetration of the Monarflex sheeting at designated fixing points.

MONARFLEX® Fixostrap Accessories


This is a one-piece rigid tight fitting accessory that is very quick to mount. It is highly suitable when the Monarflex eyelet is directly in front of the scaffold tube. The piercing Anchor attaches the sheeting to the scaffold tube by means of a cable tie that can be tightened and loosened to get just the right fit.

MONARFLEX® Polytoggle Fixing Accessories


The Polytoggle is a unique piece which ensures a water tight fixing. The Polytoggle is pressed into the eyelet of the sheeting from the outside, after the eyelet hole has been trimmed of excess sheeting with a cutter. A strap, a rope, a wire or similar is inserted in the Polytoggle and tied to the scaffold framework.

Wedge and Strap

As an accessory to the Polytoggle a wedge and strap can be used giving a flexible (elastic) water proof fixing. The Polytoggle is pressed into the eyelet of the sheeting to give a water tight fixing. The wedge is then slid into the opening of the Polytoggle and fixed to the framework with the rubber band.

MONARFLEX® Joining Clamp Tarp Connector Fixing Accessories

Tarp Connector

This unique two-part fixing accessory is used to join two sheets together through the overlapping eyelets. The Tarp Connector cannot be fixed to the scaffold tube and has a limited resistance against wind loads.

MONARFLEX® Joining Clear Tape Fixing Accessories

Monarflex Clear Tape

This is a very durable clear PVC tape with a width of 50 mm and a thickness of 0.15 mm. It is flame retardant and stabilised against UV degradation. Monarflex Clear Tape is used to repair damages in the sheeting and can additionally be used to secure overlaps, in order to completely seal the sheeting.

MONARFLEX® Monobond Tape Fixing Accessories

Monobond Tape

Is a double sided, permanently flexible tape making an impermeable airtight waterproof seal at overlaps to ensure overall vapour resistance of the sheeting. Adheres to most construction materials including concrete, steel and timber.


This is a small plastic hand tool used to pre-pierce or puncture the hole through the eyelet of the sheeting. When having to pierce several hundreds of eyelets in a day, this small tool can be quite useful

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