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Monarflex Airflow Flamesafe


MONARFLEX Airflow Flamesafe is made from a woven polypropylene composition with flame retardant additives. The weave is made in open and closed sections with 3 wide sections of tight weave to fix the Airflow to the scaffold. The open and closed weave is ideal for high rise buildings as the open sections release air pressure on the rest of the material.


We recommend MONARFLEX Airflow Flamesafe for projects up to 6 months duration.


MONARFLEX Airflow Flamesafe should be applied on a scaffold structure where a mechanical fixing of the sheeting can be made. The fixing should be made with the use of Monarflex Fixostrap by securing them around the tightly woven sections at the very edge in either side (top and bottom when installed horizontally) and in the middle of the sheeting around the adjacent scaffold tube.

Roll Sizes

Rolls sizes available are as follows:

  • 2m x 45m
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