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Monarflex RAC Membrane

MONARFLEX RAC Membrane is developed specifically for installation on contaminated ground
to prevent gases from entering the structure. A well protected aluminium foil serves as an efficient gas barrier and the reinforcement ensures that traffic on the membranes will not lead to puncture. The composition of the membrane with 6 independent layers makes it a perfect gas barrier for projects with rough conditions where the membrane will be exposed to heavy traffic from equipment during installation. Concrete can be poured directly into the membrane.

MONARFLEX RAC Membrane is a specially designed membrane with multiple layers of blown
virgin polyethylene (LDPE) film, a reinforced polyester scrim and a 12 micron aluminium layer
laminated together by several coater layers to a tough and durable gas membrane. The
membrane consists of 6 layers in total ensuring a gas tight membrane with high mechanical
properties. The special composition and properties of each layer of the product make a tight and
effective barrier to prevent gas from entering houses and buildings to constitute and health
hazard for the inhabitants.

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Monarflex Reflex Super

MONARFLEX Reflex Super is a high performance, six layer membrane manufactured from
virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE) with a polyester reinforcing grid and an aluminium foil
layer to give high strength, tear resistance and low permeability to gas. The membrane is
coloured sand on the upper surface with a silver coloured underside.

Reflex Super is part of the Monarflex gas control system and may be used loose laid with ground
supported or suspended slabs and is suitable for use as a DPM when properly sealed and
detailed to restrict the ingress of ground gases. Monarflex Reflex Super is recommended for
use in situations of medium to high concentrations of radon gas or where methane, carbon
dioxide and other gases are present.

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