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Monarflex MonarSound FR acoustic scaffold sheeting provides an effective system for controlling noise breakout on construction sites. It is ideal for use in minimising noise pollution in sensitive areas like schools, hospitals, residential areas.

Monarflex MonarSound FR is made from a 5 ply composition with the top layers consisting of a weather resistant LDPE fire retardant co-polymer that encapsulates a strong multifilament polyester (PET) grid which forms the weather protection layer. On the underside there is a thick (~10mm) PE fire retardant special sound absorbent foam layer that provides the “bounce” effect of the acoustic sheeting. The sheeting is equipped with the unique Monarflex fixing eyelets for superior and long lasting fixing points.

Monarflex MonarSound can be used for all types of long term projects up to 12 months. The combination of high quality components forms a tough and durable sheeting for very extreme working conditions.

Take care to overlap the lower sheet externally for weather protection. Fixing the sheeting to the scaffold must be done according to calculations, taking factors such as wind, building season and height of the surrounding buildings into consideration. We recommend the use of x 1 Monarflex Anchor & Strap fixing/m2 but any fixing must be placed according to calculations for each project

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Test Reports

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